Temporary floors for construction sites


Our flooring makes your work easier:

  • Temporary flooring can be used to create passageways and work surfaces in places with soft floors. Sand, clay, wetlands and soft soil are no longer a problem.

  • Heavy construction machinery can irreparably damage surfaces such as asphalt or paving stones. This leads to additional costs for the restoration of the flooring. In this case we recommend a temporary floor covering.

Advantages of our material:

  • No preparation of the flooring required

  • Low weight

  • Easy to move and transport

  • Spreads the point pressure of heavy machinery and systems across the entire surface

  • Environmentally friendly


We line all types of dump trucks, excavator buckets, bulldozers, trucks and tippers. We offer lining for all models, regardless of load capacity, manufacturer and year of construction.


Formwork for casted clinker bricks textures.

Advantages of our plastic material:

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Cheaper than formwork made of metal, concrete, wood, chipboard or polyurethane

  • Environmentally friendly plastic material

  • Excellent anti-adhesive ability

  • No sticking on work surfaces

  • Increases the productivity of formwork up to 25%

  • Longer service life of the formwork

Benefits of using Engineering Plastics & High Performance Plastics

  • Sliding properties of engineering plastics and high performance plastics are better than bronze

  • The low coefficient of friction of our plastics significantly increases the lifespan of the sliding parts

  • Engineering plastics and high performance plastics can be operated without lubrication - a failure of the lubrication system does not lead to an immediate shutdown

  • Our plastics reduce noise and increase the shock and vibration resistance of sliding units

  • Engineering plastics and high performance plastics do not require running-in due to increased elasticity

  • High positioning accuracy and freedom of movement with small feeds

  • Works in dirty conditions with high abrasion resistance

  • Not susceptible to corrosion

  • Higher chemical resistance compared to bronze

  • Moisture absorption coefficient under 0.3% 

  • High dimensional stability

  • Frost resistance at temperatures down to -100 °C

  • Consistent properties during long-term operation