Plastmass Group is aware about the importance of progress and sustainability. By manufacturing parts for electric vehicles we take part in the movement for a greener future. For this reason manufacturing durable materials with a long lifetime are essential for our mission. Surpluses from our manufacturing processes are recycled and used in a fitting application area. Reducing the waste of plastic materials and supporting other industries producing more sustainable products is what we strive for. With our innovation center in the SKOLKOVO technopark we drive new compound innovations for our clients and market needs.


Plastmass Group accompanies your projects from the beginning till the end. We start with prototyping and testing new products for your projects. After the first development and quality tests of the parts we manufacture the parts in series. During series production, we constantly check the quality of the manufactured parts.


  • Minimal downtime and higher productivity thanks to the long service life of our plastics in your tools and equipment

  • Achieve high hygiene standards as they are easy to clean and allow the use of different cleaning agents

  • Very high product safety thanks to the durability and reliability of plastics

  • Best price performance ratio

  • Long service life, excellent quality and a high degree of product safety

  • ​Long lifetime of PLASTMASS™ polymer parts

  • High demands on quality checks of the finished parts

  • More stable and wear resistant parts with less weight

  • Heat and liquid resistant materials up to 300 °C


Power plug of electric car


With our PLASTMASS™ materials we support the whole charging system of electric cars by manufacturing parts for inside and outside the car. For the car we produce durable ports that withstand constant plugging and unplugging and do not break off.


Outside the car we manufacture electric plugs made of the durable PLASTMASS™ PEEK GF30 (Polyetheretherketone) or PLASTMASS™ PPS GF40 (Polyphenylene sulfide) material. This material is weather and heat resistant and allows a long lifetime of the plug. Their excellent wear properties are ideal for constant insertion and removal.


The charging stations of cars are mostly exposed to different and extreme weather conditions. To protect the electrical circuits and devices inside the stations our weather- and UV-resistant materials suit the most.

Batteries in electric car


Our PLASTMASS™ PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate), PA 6.6 GF30 (Polyamide), PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) and PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) materials are ideal for parts of battery systems in electric vehicles due to their shock and heat resistance.


  • Carrier and cell holder for battery systems

  • Battery housings

  • Ports on battery systems

Our PLASTMASS™ Polyethylene (UHWMPE/PE-1000/PE-9000) are suitable as polymer-separator for batteries.

Recuperation brakes


Light and robust PLASTMASS™ materials (Heat and liquid resistant materials (up to 300 °C) can be used in the brake energy recovery system. They resist all weather conditions and are suitable for direct contact with water and dirt in the car wheel area.

Electric motors


Durable housing parts for electric motors are manufactured with heat resistant (up to 300 °C) PLASTMASS™ materials. The housing parts withstand very high temperatures and are therefore ideally suited for the warm engine environment.

Car seats


Bushings and slide guides made of PLASTMASS™ materials in the moving parts of car seats materials  are wear resistant and ensure long-term functionality. The first-class sliding properties ensure comfortable adjustments of the seat.

Steering systems


Our wear and lubrication resistant bushings made of PLASTMASS™ materials ensure a high level of safety while driving. The finished parts go through several quality and safety tests before use.

Electric scooter parts


PLASTMASS™ high-performance plastics have various applications on electric scooters. In all areas of application, such as engine parts, moving parts, covers and shelves, our materials are characterized by durability and high quality.

Benefits of using Engineering Plastics & High Performance Plastics

  • Sliding properties of engineering plastics and high performance plastics are better than bronze

  • The low coefficient of friction of our plastics significantly increases the lifespan of the sliding parts

  • Engineering plastics and high performance plastics can be operated without lubrication - a failure of the lubrication system does not lead to an immediate shutdown

  • Our plastics reduce noise and increase the shock and vibration resistance of sliding units

  • Engineering plastics and high performance plastics do not require running-in due to increased elasticity

  • High positioning accuracy and freedom of movement with small feeds

  • Works in dirty conditions with high abrasion resistance

  • Not susceptible to corrosion

  • Higher chemical resistance compared to bronze

  • Moisture absorption coefficient under 0.3% 

  • High dimensional stability

  • Frost resistance at temperatures down to -100 °C

  • Consistent properties during long-term operation