Solar collectors made of PLASTMASS plastics


With our PLASTMASS™ PP (Polypropylen) material we are able to manufacture durable solar collector trays which have the best price-performance ratio. The UV-resistant polymer tray can be attached at the roof, floor and wall by using various rail systems. Our trays are characterized by their particularly light weight. The material used for the trays has a long lifetime and is very resistant against weather effects.

Pelton Water Turbine blade


The wheel blades of the Pelton wheel in a small water turbine have a double shell shape and consist of an extremely abrasion-resistant PLASTMASS™ material, so that a very good efficiency and a maintenance-free lifespan of many years is achieved. Also other types of wheels are manufactured with our PLASTMASS™ material. 

Geothermal systems


Our heat and liquid resistant PLASTMASS™ materials (up to 300°C) are ideal for sustainable geothermal systems. The materials are very durable and ensure smooth operations. Our robust materials are used for: plenums and cases, valve balls, tubes, mounting devices

Wind power plants


Our durable high-performance plastics are particularly suitable for sustainable energy generation through wind power. The weather-resistant, corrosion-free and maintenance-free prefabricated parts made of PLASTMASS™ materials make a significant contribution to operational efficiency. In particular, our plain bearings and linear guides with maintenance-free dry running, designed for high loads, guarantee smooth operation and lowering the operating costs. PLASTMASS™ PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) plain bearings have significantly lower wear values than bronze bearings and are more environmentally friendly, as they work in dry running without lubrication. In addition, our plain bearings do not corrode.

Benefits of using Engineering Plastics & High Performance Plastics

  • Sliding properties of engineering plastics and high performance plastics are better than bronze

  • The low coefficient of friction of our plastics significantly increases the lifespan of the sliding parts

  • Engineering plastics and high performance plastics can be operated without lubrication - a failure of the lubrication system does not lead to an immediate shutdown

  • Our plastics reduce noise and increase the shock and vibration resistance of sliding units

  • Engineering plastics and high performance plastics do not require running-in due to increased elasticity

  • High positioning accuracy and freedom of movement with small feeds

  • Works in dirty conditions with high abrasion resistance

  • Not susceptible to corrosion

  • Higher chemical resistance compared to bronze

  • Moisture absorption coefficient under 0.3% 

  • High dimensional stability

  • Frost resistance at temperatures down to -100 °C

  • Consistent properties during long-term operation