PLASTMASS™ high-performance plastics are used in almost all industries and offer users a variety of advantages. Our plastics replace less efficient, expensive and outdated materials such as metals or low-quality plastics. The modern PLASTMASS™ high-performance plastics enable efficiency increases in different areas of application because they have several unique advantages. They require no lubrication, are more wear-resistant, non-corrosive, easier to process and much lighter. Our plastics are manufactured under high quality standards in our factory.

Our plastics work noiselessly and without lubrication. They remain in use for many years and thus reduce the time and costs incurred for the maintenance and repair of devices. Plain bearings made of wear-resistant PLASTMASS™ plastics have been used for many years to repair systems and machines in various branches of industry.

For the correct choice of plastic, all parameters and operating conditions of machines must be taken into account. Our specialists with many years of experience in various industries will be happy to help you.