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Various Lead Screw Nuts

ZEDEX™ Plastic Lead Screw Nuts

Increase the service life of machine components by reducing wear and friction - with their excellent technical properties, our ZEDEX™ screw nuts are suitable for low-wear and carefree operation of drive technology. Due to the low friction and high wear resistance of our materials, the wear of machine components is reduced. With their enormous mechanical strength, they are also suitable for high loads. The high resistance to chemicals and moisture of our materials increases the range of applications, including contact with a wide variety of liquids. The corrosion-resistant material ensures that the drive technology gets stuck through rust. As a result, components made from our materials have to be replaced less often. Our nuts are also suitable for replacing bronze, fluoroplastics, caprolon and many other materials.


  • Very low coefficient of friction without lubrication

  • Extreme temperature resistance up to 310 °C

  • Very high wear resistance

  • High dimensional stability

  • High chemical resistance

  • Corrosion resistant materials

  • Long service life

Lead Screw Nut Materials


Plastic Machining & Quality Management

  • Finished parts with an accuracy to 0.001 mm

  • CNC turning and milling, grinding, laser cutting and harden​ing

  • Inhouse testing and certification of finished parts

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management

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