Benefits of using Engineering Plastics & High Performance Plastics

  • Sliding properties of engineering plastics and high performance plastics are better than bronze

  • The low coefficient of friction of our plastics significantly increases the lifespan of the sliding parts

  • Engineering plastics and high performance plastics can be operated without lubrication - a failure of the lubrication system does not lead to an immediate shutdown

  • Our plastics reduce noise and increase the shock and vibration resistance of sliding units

  • Engineering plastics and high performance plastics do not require running-in due to increased elasticity

  • High positioning accuracy and freedom of movement with small feeds

  • Works in dirty conditions with high abrasion resistance

  • Not susceptible to corrosion

  • Higher chemical resistance compared to bronze

  • Moisture absorption coefficient under 0.3% 

  • High dimensional stability

  • Frost resistance at temperatures down to -100 °C

  • Consistent properties during long-term operation