Clip Split Bearing

Clip Split Bearing

Plastic Bearing Thrust Washer

Bearing Thrust Washer

Sleeve Bearing

Sleeve Bearing

Two-Bolt Flange Bearings

Two-Bold Flange Bearings

Sleeve Bearing with Flange

Sleeve Bearing with Flange

Double Flanged Sleeve Bearing

Double Flanged Sleeve Bearing

PLASTMASS™ Plastic Bearings

We offer various types of bearings made from our PLASTMASS™ plastics. Our plain bearings are characterized by their extreme wear resistance and excellent sliding properties. The plastic bearings can withstand temperatures of up to 310 celsius in operation. With us you can order standardised bearings or individual bearings based on your blueprint or prototype.

Plastic Bearing Materials

Plastic Machining & Quality Management

  • Finished parts with an accuracy to 0.001 mm

  • CNC turning and milling, grinding, laser cutting and harden​ing

  • Inhouse testing and certification of finished parts

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management

Bearing Application Samples

​Our bearings are be used for a wide range of applications and industries. Here you get an insight into where our components can be used.

Spherical Bearing Balls for Vehicle Axles.jpg

Spherical Bearing Balls for Vehicle Axles

Hydraulic Cylinder Bearings.jpg

Hydraulic Cylinder Bearings

Connecting Rod Bearings.jpg

Connecting Rod Bearings

Bearings for Front Loader Arms in Tractor Frames.jpg

Bearings for Front Loader Arms in Tractor Frames

Axle Bearings for Leaf Springs.jpg

Axle Bearings for Leaf Springs

Bearings for Wheel Flange.jpg

Bearings for Wheel Flange

Suspension Equalizer Bearing.jpg

Suspension Equalizer Bearing

Excavator Arm Bearings.jpg

Excavator Arm Bearings

Bearings for Pedals.jpg

Bearings for Pedals