Plastic Spur Gear

Spur Gear

Plastic Worm Gear 

Worm Gear 

Plastic Square Hole Spur Gear 

Square Hole Spur Gear 

Plastic Gear Rack

Gear Rack

Plastic Double Spur Gear

Double Spur Gear

Plastic Pulley Gear 

Pulley Gear 

Plastic Bevel Gear 

Bevel Gear 

Plastic Sprocket Gear

Sprocket Gear

PLASTMASS™ Plastic Gears

We can provide you with gears in various designs made from the appropriate PLASTMASS™ engineering and high performance plastics. With our low-wear and break-proof plastics, we manufacture long-lasting gears that meet the highest demands in various industries. We manufacture individual gears for you according to your specifications.

Plastic Gear Materials


Plastic Machining & Quality Management

  • Finished parts with an accuracy to 0.001 mm

  • CNC turning and milling, grinding, laser cutting and harden​ing

  • Inhouse testing and certification of finished parts

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management