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Plastic Linings for Container

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Water Tank Linings

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Wagon Linings

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Linings for Vehicles & Trucks

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Industrial Funnel Linings

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Excavator Bucket Lining

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Linings for Moving Floor Trailers

PLASTMASS™ Plastic Linings

Plastic linings offer a wide range of application when it comes to the transport and storage of liquids and solid goods. PLASTMASS™ linings facilitate and speed up the unloading and transport of bulk goods. At the same time, our linings protect surfaces against mechanical, thermal and chemical influences - especially against abrasive wear caused by sharp-edged bulk materials. Our lining materials make it possible to construct surfaces that are suitable for food contact.

Advantages of Plastic Linings


  • Facilitate and speed up the unloading and transport of bulk goods

  • Protection of surfaces from abrasive wear from bulk goods

  • Protection of painted metal surfaces from scratches and corrosion

  • Easy to clean surfaces

  • Allow the construction of FDA-compliant surfaces

  • Reduce the noise when unloading bulk goods

  • Protect surfaces from chemical reactions with transported goods

Plastic Lining Materials

Characteristics of Lining Materials in general


  • Excellent sliding properties

  • Corrosion resistant materials

  • High impact strength

  • Break proof

  • Very high resistance to abrasive wear

  • Very high temperature resistance (-200 °C to 100 °C)

  • High chemical resistance

  • High compressive strength

  • Resistant to deformation

  • Dielectric

  • Shock absorbing

  • Sound dampening

  • Available with very high elasticity