Plastic Cable Pulley

Single Cable Pulley

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POM-C V-Belt Pulley

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PET 4-Way Cable Pulley

PLASTMASS™ Plastic Pulleys

We manufacture plastic pulleys from our high-quality PLASTMASS™ plastics. For example, our pulleys can be used for elevators, fitness equipment, boats and construction machinery. Our materials ensure that the pullyes are break-proof and have a very high level of strength. At the same time, our pulleys have very good sliding properties, which further increases their good wear resistance.

Plastic Pulley Materials

Plastic Machining & Quality Management

  • Finished parts with an accuracy to 0.001 mm

  • CNC turning and milling, grinding, laser cutting and harden​ing

  • Inhouse testing and certification of finished parts

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management