As machine components, screw nuts are under constant stress. This is why we use our PLASTMASS™ high-performance plastics such as PET, PPS, PEEK and PEI to manufacture them. Our plastic screw nuts are durable and can withstand temperatures of up to 310 °C. They are characterized by an enormous resistance to mechanical loads and chemical influences. Therefore, they are also suitable for replacing bronze, fluoroplastics, caprolon and many other materials. We manufacture plastic screw nuts according to your samples and technical drawings. You can also get standardized screw nuts from us.

Flange Lead Screw Nut with

Flange Lead Screw Nut

Flange Lead Screw Nut with flat with Bac

Flange Lead Screw Nut (Flat)

Screw Nut with Background.jpg

Screw Nut

Precise Machining

  • With its large machine park, our production can produce parts in the shortest time

  • CNC turning and milling machines work with an accuracy of 0.001 mm

  • In our machine park we can grind, laser cut and harden

Quality Management

  • Checks of materials and tools before processing

  • Process control in the manufacture of parts

  • Testing and certification of finished parts