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Replace POM with our new & innovative material INKUPET™


We have developed a new, innovative material that is ideally suited to replace polyacetal materials. INKUPET has similar properties to POM, but is cheaper. The material is used to replace components made of POM while maintaining the same quality.

POM-C Plastic Rod

POM-C Rods

DIAMETER min. 6 mm

DIAMETER max. 210 mm

LENGTH 1000 - 3000 mm

POM-C Plastic Sheet

POM-C Sheets

THICKNESS 10 - 60 mm

WITDH 1000 - 1250 mm

LENGTH 1000 - 3000 mm


in all available RAL colors

About PLASTMASS™ POM-C Plastics


PLASTMASS™ POM-C is an excellent construction material for machine and system components that are exposed to medium to heavy loads. At the same time, it is resistant to a large number of chemicals. The engineering plastic POM-C has high mechanical strength and wear resistance. The excellent sliding properties, dimensional stability and easy processing make our POM-C a versatile technical material for demanding components. POM-C rods and POM-C sheets are available from us in different sizes and in all available RAL colors.

Application Temperature


Our PLASTMASS™ POM-C plastic is suitable for applications in a temperature range from -60 °C to 100 °C.​


  • Extreme high wear resistance

  • Very high sliding properties

  • High chemical resistance

  • High strength

  • High rigidity

  • High toughness

  • Resistant to (hot) water​

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