PLASTMASS™ Pool Panels

With our PLASTMASS™ PP-C pool panels (Polypropylene), first-class pools of almost any size with high-quality surfaces can be build. Our chlorine- and UV-resistant polypropylene plastic is very durable and flexible in use. Whether for the cozy garden in the country house or the luxurious infinity pool in the villa - our material is suitable for a variety of pool types.

Pool Panel Materials


Plastic Pool Panel Colours

  • Grey (RAL 7032)

  • Dark Blue (RAL 5015)

  • Light Blue (RAL 5012)

  • White

Plastic Pool Panel Sizes

  • Dimensions up to 2000 x 6000 mm

  • Thickness up to 40 mm​

Material Properties

  • High mechanical strength

  • Very high chlorine resistance

  • High UV and chemical resistance

  • Resistance to temperature and pressure changes

  • Good weldability

  • Long life span

  • Frost resistance

  • Low weight

  • Easy to clean

Welding Rods

With our pool panels we also offer high quality welding rods in the corresponding colours. This allows you to create seamless transitions in the pool.