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Wear resistant Marine Fender Sheets for Harbour Equipment Manufacturers

Russia has over 100,000 kilometers of waterways and is the top 2 in the world after China. The long waterways with their numerous ports are used for leisure, tourist trips and, above all, for industrial purposes. The resulting high level of shipping traffic exposes the components at the ports to high levels of wear. These components also include the marine fenders, which are regularly replaced due to the high volume of traffic. The high demand for wear parts such as marine fender plates brings our innovative plastics into play. Marine fender plates made of INKULEN PE-9000 UHMWPE are developed in such a way that they are less subject to wear and have a low coefficient of friction. These properties ensure that marine fender plates are replaced less often and thus take the port industry to the next level, both economically and ecologically.

Marina fender plates with 30 ° bend

Straight Marina Fender Plates


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