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INKUMER EL guard rails

Guard rails with roller system are designed to prevent damage to the car and injury to the driver and passengers by absorbing the impact energy and then converting this impact energy into rotational energy.

Improving road safety


Guard rails with roller system are an innovative road safety system. It can be installed on the side of the road or the dividing strip of the road, with fences installed on the bridge structure, as well as for interfacing sections of one-sided and two-sided fences on the dividing strip, on slopes, in school and other areas (requiring increased security), protective zones for poles, street lights and general infrastructure on the road.

The life cycle cost of a collision-proof safety roller is lower than that of a traditional system, since it requires less frequent repair, replacement and maintenance. More importantly, the safety roller provides a lower risk of injury to the driver and passengers.

Guard rails manufactured by Plastmass Group is fire-resistant and recyclable. Due to the possibility of adding or removing rollers, you can adjust the size of the guard rails to fully match any landscape.

Guard rails | Advantages


The use of roller guard rails provides many advantages. All of them together improve road safety under any circumstances.

  • Shock absorb system

  • Converts impact energy into rotational energy

  • Reduces the impact of speed

  • Fireproof and easy to install

  • Visually stands out

  • Compliance with design requirements — the ability of the guard rails to remain functional after impact. This is important when considering the issue of barrier repair time after an accident.

  • Minimal risk of injury to passengers and driver

  • Subsequent impact on the trajectory of the vehicle — the ability to maintain the movement of the vehicle in the direction of the initial movement.

  • Roller guard rails provide a redirection angle to minimize or eliminate the likelihood that a vehicle will enter the oncoming traffic lane, run over pedestrians on the side of the road or elements of road furniture.


1. Snubber roller

2. Reflective stripe

3. Safety beam

4. Push off segment

5. Post cap

6. Post

7. Round crossbar with reflective stripe

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