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In order to provide our customers with a range of high-quality materials that meet their requirements to the fullest satisfaction, our innovation center checks all of the raw materials. At the same time, we are researching new compounds and developing industry-based plastic solutions. Our innovation and development department in the Skolkovo Innovation Center is constantly working to manufacture and improve plastics with new properties for special applications. We develop new plastic modifications for our customers with properties that are optimized for certain areas of application. Of course, the newly developed plastics are also subject to our quality and testing standards.

The specialists at our innovation center for  examine and develop our materials from the following points of view:

  • Reduction of friction and wear

  • Stiffness and strength increase, especially at high temperatures

  • Elasticity and mechanical damping increase

  • Accuracy increase due to the reduced coefficient of thermal expansion

  • Thermal and/or electrical conductivity optimization

  • Decolouration

  • Antibacterial effects

  • Enabling smaller tolerances in plastics by reducing the coefficient of thermal expansion

  • Increased rigidity and strength, especially at high temperatures

  • Increased elasticity and mechanical resistance

  • New colour adjustments

  • Cost reduction

  • Changes in thermal conductivity

  • Changes in electrical conductivity (antistatic plastics)

  • Improvement of the friction and wear behavior

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