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Premium Synthetic ice rinks and tiles for your home and public events. Wintersports in every season with PLAST-ICE.

Synthetic ice rinks developed by Plastmass Group are a unique high-end product. Our high molecular material has a perfected sliding and grip behavior. PLAST-ICE tiles run without expensive cooling devices and no CO2 emissions during the usage. PLAST-ICE premium synthetic ice tiles and rinks are a sustainable, durable and cost-effective alternative to real ice.


Synthetic ice can be used private and public purposes. PLAST-ICE synthetic ice tiles are made for ice skating, ice hockey and curling (ice stock sport) all year round. PLAST-ICE synthetic ice makes wintersport everywhere and in every season possible. It is possible to build synthetic ice rinks of any size. Our plastics are manufactured under high quality standards in our factory.

For questions, offers and to buy synthetic ice tiles, send us a message.

The Synthetic Ice Experience

PLAST-ICE Synthetic Ice Advantages

Leight weight material

Mobile & stowable ice rinks

UV-resistant & weather proof

No water & energy consumption

Lifespan up to 20 yrs.

Not affected by ice, snow & rain

No lubrication needed

Easy & quick to install

Use conventional ice skates


Can be placed almost everywhere

Easy to clean

Perfected sliding and grip behavior

Infinitely expandable

Low maintenance

Does not damage skate blades

Application from - 65 °C to + 75 °C

Usable from both sides

Synthetic Ice Application

Ice skating

Ice hockey

Ice stock sport / Curling

Trainings areas for on- and off-season*

Synthetic ice rink application

*Possible trainings: goalkeeper training, running technique, stick technique, passing technique, shooting technique, coordination, jumps, pirouettes

Synthetic Ice Tiles

Dimensions: up to 2000 x 2000 mm

Thickness: 8 - 20 mm

Customized sizes available

Synthetic Ice Sheets.jpg


On request, we can produce synthetic ice tiles for your ice rink in various colors for you. We can put logos and special markings for hockey, curling and other winter sports on the synthetic ice tiles.

Depending on the intended use, we recommend different types of panels so that they can withstand the respective application. You can add lots of synthetic ice tiles to your synthetic ice rink as you want.

Synthetic Ice FAQ

  • Do I need special skills or tools to install a synthetic ice rink?

    • Installing our synthetic ice rinks with synthetic ice tiles is very easy and you don’t need any special tools or training.

  • On which floor types can I install a synthetic ice rink?

    • You can install our synthetic ice on any surface as long as it is smooth, even and hard. Concrete, wood, sports courts, gym floors, etc. are all suited for synthetic ice rink setups. Make sure that the surface is clean and free of debris. For best performance we recommend putting a foam film of at least 4 mm between the floor and your PLAST-ICE tiles. For outdoor installations, a slight incline will provide natural drainage.

  • How do I connect the tiles of my synthetic ice rink?

    • PLAST-ICE synthetic ice tiles are connected with puzzle connectors. The puzzle connection system is an easy-to-install solution and creates a strong and seamless synthetic ice surface.

  • How can I transport and store my synthetic ice tiles?

    • Our synthetic ice and systems are modular and can be transported easily. Make sure that they are transported and stored on a straight surface.

  • Can I use conventional ice skates on synthetic ice tiles?

    • Yes! The same ice skates that you use on conventional ice rinks can be used on synthetic ice tiles as well.

  • How do the blades react on synthetic ice tiles?

    • Synthetic ice does not damage your blades, but skates can dull faster than on real ice. In general, it is important to sharpen your skates regularly and correctly as you would with real ice.

  • How do synthetic ice tiles react on snow or rain?

    • Rain and snow do not damage the synthetic ice surface and do not effect the functionality. Snow and big puddles of water can be swiped off with a rubber mob, and ice layers on the rink can be removed with a snow shovel.

  • Do PLAST-ICE synthetic ice tiles require lubrication (glide enhancers)?

    • No. Due to a specialized fabrication process, our synthetic ice tiles offer an excellent balance between glide and grip.

  • How to clean the synthetic ice rink?

    • Maintaining PLAST-ICE synthetic ice rinks is really simple. Just perform the maintenance regularly to ensure a great skating experience and impeccable looks of your synthetic ice surface. In general, outdoor installations need a bit more cleaning since they are exposed to more particles. We recommend covering all outdoor installations with a tarp when not in use.

  • Do ice skates scratches the synthetic ice rink surface?

    • There is no need to worry about scratches on synthetic ice. These marks will neither affect functionality nor the skating experience. PLAST-ICE is a material of very high density and scratches only occur superficially without damaging the surface. Therefore, resurfacing our synthetic ice is not necessary.

  • Can I use booth surfaces of my synthetic ice tiles?

    • Yes, you can use our PLAST-ICE synthetic ice tiles from both sides.

  • For which types of wintersports can I use synthetic ice tiles?

    • Our synthetic ice can be used for ice skating, ice hockey and curling (ice stock sport).

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