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Wagon Plastic Lining

Wagon Linings

Excavator Bucket Lining.jpg

Excavator Bucket Lining

Funnel & Chute Lining_PU.jpg

Industrial Funnel Linings

Concrete Tank Polypropylene Lining.jpg

Concrete Tank Lining

Round Tipper Polyethylene Lining.jpg

Round Tipper Linings

Pipeline Polyurethane Lining.jpg

Pipeline Linings

Silo Lining.jpg

Silo Linings

Pool Lining Polypropylene.jpg

Pool Linings

Dump Truck Polyurethane Lining.jpg

Dump Truck Linings

Mill Drum Lining_1.jpg

Mill Drum Linings

Metal Tank Polyethylene Lining.jpg

Metal Tank Linings

Boat Linings

Boat Linings

Moving Floor Trailer Lining.jpg

Moving Floor Trailer Lining

Flange Pipe Polyurethane Lining.jpg

Flange Pipe Linings

Mooving Floor Lining.jpg

Moving Floor Lining

Plastic Linings

Plastic linings offer a wide range of application when it comes to the transport and storage of liquids and solid goods. ZEDEX, INKULEN PE, INKUPRO PP and INKUMER EL linings facilitate and speed up the unloading and transport of bulk goods. At the same time, our linings protect surfaces against mechanical, thermal and chemical influences - especially against abrasive wear caused by sharp-edged bulk materials. Our lining materials make it possible to construct surfaces that are suitable for food contact.

Advantages of Plastic Linings


  • Facilitate and speed up the unloading and transport of bulk goods

  • Protection of surfaces from abrasive wear from bulk goods

  • Protection of painted metal surfaces from scratches and corrosion

  • Easy to clean surfaces

  • Allow the construction of FDA-compliant surfaces

  • Reduce the noise when unloading bulk goods

  • Protect surfaces from chemical reactions with transported goods

Plastic Lining Materials

Characteristics of Lining Materials in general


  • Excellent sliding properties

  • Corrosion resistant materials

  • High impact strength

  • Break proof

  • Very high resistance to abrasive wear

  • Very high temperature resistance (-200 °C to 100 °C)

  • High chemical resistance

  • High compressive strength

  • Resistant to deformation

  • Dielectric

  • Shock absorbing

  • Sound dampening

  • Available with very high elasticity

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