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Various Pulleys and Sheaves

ZEDEX Plastic Pulleys & Sheaves

Our ZEDEX pulleys/sheaves protect ropes from increased frictional wear. The unique sliding surface of our material ensures that the friction between rope and pulley is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to their high mechanical strength and elasticity, the rollers withstand high loads and do not break. The high wear resistance and resistance to weather influences ensure a long service life. For example, our pulleys can be used for elevators, fitness equipment, boats and construction machinery.


  • Protects ropes and belts from excessive frictional wear

  • Very low coefficient of friction

  • Extreme wear resistance

  • High mechanical strength

  • Weatherproof

  • Elastic and break-proof

  • Long service life

Plastic Pulley & Sheave Materials

Plastic Machining & Quality Management

  • Finished parts with an accuracy to 0.001 mm

  • CNC turning and milling, grinding, laser cutting and harden​ing

  • Inhouse testing and certification of finished parts

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management

Pulley & Sheave Types

We manufacture all types of pulleys/sheaves. Here is a selection of the most common pulleys/sheaves that we produce.

Plastic V-Belt Pulley

V-Belt Pulley

Plastic U-Pulley


Steel Cable Plastic Pulley

Steel Cable Pullley

Round Plastic V-Pulley

Round V-Pulley

Plastic Multi Sheave

Multi Sheave

Plastic Double Sheave

Double Sheave

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