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The Plastmass Group is very aware of its far-reaching influences and responsibilities. Our goal is not just to replace obsolete materials with new ones. The holistic concept of the Plastmass Group is based on making every single step sustainable. This task begins with producing high-quality plastics that outperform materials on the world market in terms of technical properties, durability and efficiency. More reliable plastic parts in systems and machines increase sustainability and safety along the entire value chain in a wide variety of industries. On the way to becoming a sustainable company, it is also important to deal with efficient solutions for dealing with leftovers from blanks and old plastics. In order to meet this requirement, plastic residues are recycled directly on the company's own premises and processed for the relevant areas of application. Processing in-house also means fewer transport routes and fewer CO2 emissions. At the same time, the company is working on solutions to cover its own energy needs with renewable energies.

Social Responsibility

As a family company, the well-being of the people around us is particularly important to us. First and foremost, it is our task to create safe and modern workplaces in which our employees feel comfortable. With our canteen and our company doctor, we take care of the health and well-being of our employees. We stand for equal opportunities for all population groups. With further training programs and attractive benefits, all our employees have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. We consciously respect working hours and the rest periods of our employees. We create training and study places for the young generation so that they can develop in a safe environment and find a stable position in our society. It is up to us to gain the trust of our employees and to work with them to create a safe and enjoyable job.

We see it as our task to help people outside our company so that our society can develop positively and strongly. We are committed to supporting children's hospices, children's homes, schools and sports clubs, in particular for people who have difficulties due to their living conditions.

As a company, we are responsible for our society and its living conditions as a whole. Every day we strive to make our world a little better.

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