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Various Plastic Profiles

INKULEN PE Plastic Profiles


Our shock-absorbing and wear-resistant profiles are ideal as covering elements for surfaces exposed to high wear. Due to their thermal and electrical insulating properties, they are also ideally suited for shielding. All of our plastic profiles are available in various lengths and dimensions. We manufacture the plastic profiles according to customer requirements. Below are some models of plastic profiles that we manufacture in different sizes.

  • Tolerances according to DIN 16941-3a or according to customer requirements

  • Lengths up to 3000 mm

  • Available colors: natural, black, green, blue and yellow

Plastic Profile Materials



  • Very low coefficient of friction

  • High wear resistance

  • High chemical resistance

  • High impact strength and breaking resistance

  • High electrical and thermal insulation

  • Vibration damping and noise absorbing

  • No moisture absorption

  • No corrosion

  • No freezing or sticking

  • FDA compliant

Profile Types

We manufacture all types of profiles. Here is a selection of the most common profiles that we produce.

Plastic C-Profile


Plastic U-Profile


Plastic L-Profile


Plastic Z-Profile


Plastic T-Profile


Plastic Round Bar Cover

Round Bar Cover

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