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Individual production of tubular heating elements

Clamp tubular heating elements are used in various fields. This product, created in the form of a cylinder, performs the heating function and is equipped with a special insulator. This heating element is produced using durable and reliable steel, which ensures full heat transfer and increases the service life of the heating element.

Heating solutions


A ring or clamp tubular heating element from the Plastmass Group is installed around the perimeter of the object for uniform heating. It is thoroughly pressed against the coving of the oblong or round object required for heating, due to this it heats it very quickly to the required temperature.


The mass use of this type of heaters occurs during pipeline laying both on large and small pipelines, as well as in industry, on construction sites, in supermarkets.


The production of clamp tubular heating elements is a very laborious and painstaking process. Therefore, they are absolutely not subject to restoration and even simple repair. The durability of these devices is directly determined by the correct mounting and operation cycle. The clamp tubular heating element must be attached to the surface of the object as tightly as possible. The slightest violation during installation leads to an instant failure of the heating system. When detecting the slightest irregularities or roughness on the surface, a leveling high-temperature paste is mandatory.

Modifications of tubular heating elements


Nowadays a large number of modifications of clamp or ring tubular heating element are being produced for both domestic and general industrial use. In non-standard cases, it is possible to customize the heaters assembly. Individual production of tubular heating elements will not take more than five to seven working days. Each product has its own quality certificate and warranty. All norms and requirements are strictly observed in the manufacture of products, their loading and transportation. But still do not forget about the correct connection of the device, proper operation and care instructions.


Specifications of tubular heating elements


  • The way of heat transfer: Contacting.

  • Diameter: from 70 to 500 mm.

  • Heating element: Nichrome.

  • Electric power supply voltage: 220, 230 V.

  • Operating temperature: up to 1000°C.

  • Housing: Stainless steel.

  • Terminal leads: Terminal blocks.


Advantages of tubular heating elements


The specific of the design of ring heaters with ceramic insulation is that they do not require a tight clamp, you can put more power and use it at higher temperatures up to 1000°C. Clamp heaters can be mounted from the end and unbent to be mounted on the desired hard-to-reach area.

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