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The nuclear industry requires new wear-resistant materials. At the end of 2017, rods with a diameter of 30 mm of three different modifications of materials of the ZEDEX series and additionally rods with a diameter of 20 mm for the manufacture of packaging containers from other modifications of the ZEDEX series were purchased from the company “Innovation Center “Plastmass Group” LLC, a resident of the JINR Skolkovo Foundation.
Transport and packaging containers were grind out of the obtained rods. The materials have successfully passed tests, withstood irradiation modes and received approval for use as consumables when working in neutronography conditions.


Presently, when processing uranium, a number of processes involving uranium hexafluoride are used, when working with which fluoroplastics composites with limited service lives and weak physical and mechanical properties are used for seals with prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation.


The possibility of testing our radiation-resistant antifriction materials as seals for flanged connections of containers with uranium hexafluoride under conditions of constant exposure to ionizing radiation is being considered. The use of our materials will increase the service life of parts under conditions of radioactive exposure without significantly weakening the physical and mechanical characteristics.

INKULEN PE with boron


• 1 of the most effective materials for neutron protection.
• Requires no maintenance after installation.
• It is possible to control the level of deceleration by changing the concentration of boron atoms.
• In second place in price after liquid protection.
• Despite the comparable cost in comparison with liquid protection, it is lower than other types of solid protection of the same level of radiation resistance.

Liquid neutron shield


• High efficiency at small thicknesses.


• Increased risks in the transportation of fissile materials and the destruction of waterproofing.
• High maintenance cost (additives are needed, the need for regular monitoring of the level and aging of mixtures).
• The need for expensive waterproofing of containers.

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Polyurethane and epoxy materials


• Acceptable quality of protection.
• Unlimited geometric parameters of the application.


• The average level of the free path of fast neutrons.
• Average physical and mechanical properties due to the behavior of the basic components during irradiation.
• High price category for neutron protection.

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ZEDEX composites

Testing and use of ZEDEX antifriction composites at the Rosatom enterprise “Elemash”

Problem: When working under conditions of increased radiation, temperature and chemical exposure, at the “Elemash” were taking place nuclear bloating of most polymers, fiberglass, textolites, including fluoroplastics, graphite, and the bronze were destroying.

Solution: We have provided radiation-resistant materials for replacement, which “Elemash” has been using since 2010 in the most dangerous areas of production: during transportation of heated sulfuric and nitric acid against the background of exposure to ionizing radiation. Depending on the application nodes, the service life of the equipment after launch has increased by more than 3 times.

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