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Replacement with polyacetal, polyethylene, polyurethane, polyethylene terephthalate, etc. from the manufacturer


Polyamide replacement options




Application temperature

Polyethylene/ HMWPE

Standard plastics

–200 °C to 100 °C

Polyethylene/ UHMWPE

Standard plastics

–200 °C to 80 °C

Polypropylene/ PP-C

Standard plastics

up to 110 °C

Polyacetal/ POM-C

Engineering plastics

–60 °C to 100 °C

Polyetheretherketone/ PEEK

High-performance plastics

–60 °C to 250°C

Polyphenylene sulfide / PPS

High-performance plastics

–100 °C to 240°C

Polyethylene terephthalate/ PET

Engineering plastics

–100 °C to 110°C

Polyetherimide/ PEI

High-performance plastics

–70 °C to 180°C

Polyurethane/ PU


–50 °C to 80°C

Caprolon (Polyamide 6)

Plastmass Group offers options for replacing obsolete material — caprolon at favorable prices of the manufacturer. Caprolon is a synthetic material, also known as polyamide 6. The material is produced by polymerization of amides of aminocaproic acid and is an excellent dielectric, and also has high antifriction properties. However, our company offers materials with better characteristics than polyamide. From our wide range of materials, you can produce pulleys and rollers, bushings and liners, as well as elements of rolling and sliding bearings.

The properties and scope of application of Plastmass Group materials are identical to polyamide 6

Materials from the Plastmass Group (polyacetal, polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyurethane, etc.) have the following properties, the presence of which allows the use of products in various industries:

  • The ability to absorb sounds, thanks to which the material is used in the production of silently working gears.

  • Corrosion resistance, safety for biological objects, as well as the inertia of caprolon when interacting with aggressive environments. These qualities allow the use plastic in the food industry. Our company's materials have Safety and Health Certificate and an international FDA certificate.

  • Excellent sliding properties, low coefficient of friction.

  • Very high wear resistance.

  • High viscosity even at low temperatures (up to -200°C).

  • High impact resistance.

We offer to replace caprolon profitably

Plastmass Group offers to replace polyamide 6 with a material with better characteristics at attractive prices. Offering to buy the material for various purposes, including for use in the food industry, we guarantee the availability of sanitary conclusions. This document confirms the permissibility of material contact with food. In particular, the company has an international FDA certificate.

Materials for replacing caprolon are available in the form of rods of various diameters or plates (sheets).

The cost of the material is determined based on its variety, place of production, as well as the size of the batch of purchased products. When ordering, it should be borne in mind that when the purchase amount exceeds 100 thousand rubles, wholesale prices come into effect.

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