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Advantages of Pressed Plastic Sheets

In plastics production, plastic sheets can be produced in different ways, whereby the final material properties can vary depending on the production form. One form of production for plastic sheets is pressing. The raw material is compressed in a press mold using a high-temperature system with high pressure. Plastic sheets produced by the pressing process have better mechanical properties and lower internal stresses than extruded sheets. This has the advantage that pressed plastic sheets can be processed better in the machining, as they are less brittle. The better mechanical properties and homogeneous structure have a positive effect on the application and service life of the machined finished parts. The same raw material can be used for more demanding areas of application, simply because of the different processing.

Pressed plates are ideal for areas of application with high levels of abrasive and frictional wear. The increased mechanical properties due to the pressing process make the final components less susceptible to wear and tear and increase their service life.

Furthermore, the pressing process is ideal for processing demanding materials such as UHMWPE with a very high molecular weight.

The following materials are available from us in pressed form:

Our PLASTMASS™ UHMWPE (PE 1000) is a high end polyethylene material with a molecular weight of 9 mio. g/mol.

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