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Benefits of INKULEN PE-9000 Plastic Guides

Guides are used in a wide variety of systems in many industries. They are a static component in systems and are used to guide machine parts or products. The best-known types of guides are the side guide, chain guide and conveyor belt guide, which are used to transport goods. But not every material is suitable for manufacturing sliding guides. Materials such as wood, concrete or metals have a high coefficient of friction, which means that machine parts or products often get stuck. In addition, materials with a high coefficient of friction lead to high wear on guides, product packaging or machine parts. Plastic guides made of polyethylene such as INKULEN PE HMWPE or UHMWPE are ideally suited as sliding guides due to their low coefficient of friction, even without the addition of lubricants. They also outperform other plastics in terms of their sliding properties. In addition to their excellent sliding properties, INKULEN PE-500 HMWPE and UHMWPE have high wear resistance, which reduces the frequent replacement of wear parts and thus saves costs. A particular advantage of plastics in general is that they are not subject to the typical aging phenomena of corrosion and weathering. This makes them more durable than other materials - especially in environments that are exposed to moisture and chemicals. Polyethylene sliding guides are easy to manufacture and can be produced in different colors such as blue, green, yellow or black.

All advantages of our polyethylene materials for technical applications at a glance:

  • High wear resistance

  • Excellent sliding without lubrication

  • High chemical resistance

  • Highest impact strength and breaking resistance even at higher temperatures

  • Vibration damping and noise absorption

  • Low moisture absorption - properties and dimensions remain the same in a humid environment

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Approved for contact with food

  • No freezing or sticking

  • High electrical and thermal insulation

  • Light weight

The simplest and most effective method for fastening plastic sliding guides is to use C-shaped steel profiles. They are reliable fastening elements that guarantee freedom of movement for the slide guides and facilitate their replacement. If necessary, they can be welded or screwed together.

  • Significant increase in the service life of conveyor chains and belts

  • Significant decrease in maintenance expenses

  • Simple installation and dismantle of sliding guides

  • Quick replacement in case of wear

  • Easy alignment of the sliding guide system


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