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Pulleys made of INKUPOM POM-C

Plastmass Group produces high quality pulleys from INKUPOM POM-C for elevator manufacturers. These increase the service life of elevator system components thanks to their low coefficient of friction. Due to the low coefficient of friction of the pulleys, the hoisting ropes are not stressed as much. The POM-C material absorbs vibrations, which reduces the noise level and vibrations while riding. At the same time, wear and tear on other components is reduced. Elevator manufacturers in Russia value the Plastmass Group pulleys very much, as these are processed with high precision and are checked by the quality control according to customer specifications.

Advantages of the INKUPOM POM-C pulley compared to metal:

  • Easy installation and low weight

  • The service life of the ropes is 2-3 times longer due to the reduced friction

  • Reduced operating and installation costs

  • Increased smoothness and comfort while riding

  • Up to 3 times noise reduction

  • The operating temperature range is from -60 to 100 °C


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