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Replace bronze with PEI plastics?

PEI (Polyetherimide) plastics are ideal if you want to reduce the cost and weight of components. Due to their unique sliding properties, PEI have a longer service life in sliding element applications. For most applications, PEI is also suitable for dry running. A particular advantage of PEI plastics, despite their hardness, is their elasticity. The material is able to compensate for geometric errors. In addition, the elastic surface of PEI absorbs abrasive foreign particles from dusty environments, thus ensuring longer maintenance-free operation. At the same time, this also protects other components. Another advantage of PEI's elasticity is that it distributes point forces over its entire surface, reducing the chances of material fatigue due to one-sided loading. PEI plastics have a damping effect compared to bronze, which makes them resistant to impacts and reduces the acoustic volume of individual components in operation.

PEI (Polyetherimide) is a corrosion-resistant material and resistant to numerous external influences such as radiation or liquids:

  • Resistant to alcohols, fuel for motor vehicles and aircraft, lubricants, cleanser

  • Resistant to weak acids and alkalis (PH-value <9)

  • Resistant to salt solutions and ether

  • Resistant to hydrolysis of hot water and steam

  • Resistant to UV radiation

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