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TONAR - 10 Years of successful Cooperation

The leading manufacturer of trailer, semitrailer and dump trucks TONAR has been using INKULEN PE-9000 UHMWPE plastics for the lining of their equipment for over ten years. We are very grateful for the long-term trust of the machine manufacturer and for looking forward to more years of successful cooperation. TONAR uses INKULEN PE-9000 UHMWPE linings mainly for the following reasons:

  • NO STICKING. Due to the extremely low coefficient of friction and the molecular surface structure, the sticking of dry and wet bulk materials is completely eliminated. Even frozen water does not stick to the surface of the INKULEN PE-9000 UHMWPE plastic. Thus, the formation of ice in winter does not lead to the cargo sticking.

  • PROTECTIVE FUNCTION. The plastic linings protect the transport surfaces of vehicles from the effects of mechanical forces and damage to the paint or metal surface. This also greatly reduces the risk of corrosion and increases the service life of transport surfaces.

  • SIMPLIFIED UNLOADING. Due to the low coefficient of friction, it is often sufficient that the dump truck is only lifted 35% so that the goods can be unloaded. This reduces the risk of tipping over and speeds up unloading.


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