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Polyurethane plastics for linings

INKUMER EL (Polyurethane) has compared to steel, rubber or polyethylene lining products many advantages. Through his particularly high resistance our Polyurethane plastic is more resistant to impact loads which increases the lifespan of linings. Our Polyurethane material covers the metal surface of vehicles and protects them from abrasive materials. This can increase the lifetime of your metal surfaces up to four times. Thanks to its very low coefficient of friction, our polyurethane prevents material from sticking to surfaces - it also makes laborious cleaning of work surfaces obsolete. Due to its particularly high durability, polyurethane linings do not need to be replaced frequently and thus reduces maintenance costs. Our PU plastic material can be used at temperatures between -50 °C and 80 °C and maintains its elasticity even at low temperatures. Polyurethane has an ideal damping ability and is able to reduce the noise in working areas.

Polyurethane over Rubber

Polyurethane has special advantages and is more recommended than regular rubber. Polyurethane is twice as elastic and has three times the wear resistance of rubber. Due to its structural nature, polyurethane is resistant to multiple simultaneous loads and can withstand pressures up to 105 MPa. Our material can be manufactured in different strength classes up to Shore A 95 hardness and is electrically very good insulating. In addition, polyurethane is resistant to chemical solvents, acids, microorganisms and mold.


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